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Vital statistics
Start power
End gender
Prerequisites Male
Level born
Location Weegees
Rewards Family & Friends
Quest progression
Previous Next
Unknown Malleo
Weegee first appeared in the educational game Mario is Missing. Years later, his sprites were used on End of the Internet by User MonkeyInCloset. He remade the sprites into artwork. These will later appear in 4Chan, deviantArt, Newgrounds, Facebook, and many more popular Internet websites. Weegee would be placed in photos to make it seem more awkward and post them. Later, on YouTube, videos became popular and a Weegee Virus would later outbreak.


Weegee has many powers.

  • The Weegee Stare: The Weegee Stare is Weegee's most recognizable ability. This allows him to stare at someone for a certain amount of time. Eventually, the person he is staring at either dies/explodes or becomes a Weegee himself/herself. It is unknown what would happen if Weegee stared at himself in a mirror.
  • The Weegee Virus: Weegee's virus spread mostly through videos of Weegee on YouTube. It is a simple virus that shuts down the computer, deletes all files by replacing them with Weegee pictures, and making an image of Weegee stare at you on a blank screen upon rebooting.
  • Weegee's Army: Weegee's Army is made up of people Weegee has turned into other Weegee's, via the Weegee Stare. Weegee has this army under his complete command and control
    Toon Weegee

    Toon Weegee

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