Sling King

Sling King.

Has no article has been warning DevinMoffit2 Warning Weegee has no possible DevinMoffit2 Warning Weegee has no article fixed them. DevinMoffit2 Warning WeegeeSling King (a.k.a God of the Slingshots)  is a fakegee that likes crowns and slingshots he is the Lord or King of the sling. He has gems in his eyes cause he is attracted to shiny things (except the sun and hot stuff) when Samaweegee showed him a gem in the League of Weegees. Samaweegee betrayed Weegee has a golden mustache like Dreegee Dreatures but he just shaved it and dyed it he also pointy teeth black hair (cause he dyed it) he likes emeralds, he now has a brother, his name is Slingalleo joined the League of Weegees. and his rival GemeegeeHe joined the Opiziis Sling Queenand his son is Sling Prince His future sister-in-law is Sling Princess He would wage a war for the Saphire Gem.