Opigee V.1 and 1.0


Opigee V.2 and 2.0

Toon Opigee

Toon Opigee.

Opigee is the ruler of the Opiverse. He look like Weegee with inverted colors. Opigee has the Opigee Stare, which make an evil clone that is the oppisite of you, but all clones die when fed apples. This is because Opigee loves dentists, doctors, and nurses. He doesn't want to be one, though. He just likes the lollipops. His wife is Opilona. His sons are Opisamaweegee and Opileeotran. His father is unknown. His formsare Opibee and Eemono. His parents are Jamado and Verdeeno. He's brothers are of Opialleo. his my fathers of Opitran. And so his brothers are of Opigamiicho my he's one his my DevinMoffit2's one my DevinMoffit2. my he's one his first my OpievinMoffit2. and his brothers are of OpientonMoffit2.