Conkeegee is one of the many countless Fakegees that exist. He is notable for being a fusion fanatic. He currently runs an army and game company. He has gone missing recently, it's safe to say he'll never come back.


Conkeegee was created one day when Weegee wanted to make a Fakegee just for the fun of it. He sent two clones to find a random person to take a DNA sample from. It just so happened that they took DNA from some person named ConkerMaster9102. Upon returning, Weegee then mixed the DNA with a sample of his own. And thus, Conkeegee was born!


Conkeegee wears a yellow hat with a cyan "C", a blue shirt, and black overalls. For most Fakeonkeegees, it is common to have the hat, and sometimes the overalls make their way.

Conkeegee's toon form has no visible mouth, similar to Betaweegee's. This somehow makes him more threatening in this form.

Toon Conkeegee

Toon Conkeegee.


  • Richsplosion - This power seems to be a mix between Fortran's and Crengalon's. When he does this, an insane ammount of coins will apper out of nowhere and explode.
  • Confusion - He will make fake duplicates of himself, confusing the victim.
  • Random Lazer Dragon - a random dragon will come out of nowhere and "Shoop da whoop" the victim.
  • Teleportation
  • Clone himself at will
  • Flying
  • Aerobic Respiration
  • Super Human Strentgh
  • Fire Flof - A glitchy Fire Flower that turns anyone who touches it into a glitchy teapot thing.
  • Melon - Basically Xuigee's King attack, but with a Melon.
  • Hadouken
  • Fireball
  • Conkeegee Virus - He turns people into Conkeegee clones. Since he has the power to create clones, he barely uses this




  • Toon Conkeegee
  • Plastic Conkeegee
  • Fire Conkeegee
  • Raccoon Conkeegee
  • Ultimate Conkeegee
  • Conkeegee Core
  • Delteegee (temporary fusion with Delta)


  • Conkeegee has a pet named Robo-Pika
  • Conkeegee's brother is Doublehalleo
  • Conkeegee has his own universe, called the United Conk's Universe