Toon Awheeo

Toon Awheeo.

Awheeo is Weegee's biological brother. He was Papa Weegee's younger son and Weegee had already left when he was born. Despite being similar to Malleo, Awheeo also has different powers. He can stare and give the Awheeo Virus. He has another brother named DeegeeNow Weegee knows him and the two are good brothers, Awheeo is also friends with Malleo. He can teleport, give the Awheeo Virus, is immortal (but this is new) and when he says "You Will Die" a casual object drop in your head. When Awheeo was 23 he joined the A.A.Q.W.F., making him there youngest member. He was later killed by Greegee, but then he was revived. he's his brothers of uheeghy. of awheeos